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The Projects Page View is where you can view all the projects created in your Rocketlane account.

Pro Tip: Click on the hotkey P on your keyboard to access the Projects page from anywhere in your Rocketlane account.

 You can access the Projects page by clicking on the Projects icon from the left navigation bar.

Custom and Default Filter Views

The Projects page has default and custom filter views that help you view your saved filter conditions so that you can view only specific relevant projects.

The default filter options are:

  • My Projects
    Displays all the projects where you are added as a team member.

  • All Projects
    Displays all the projects visible to you in your Rocketlane account.

You can apply custom filters on projects based on your preferences and save it as a private/ shared view.

The custom filter view categories are:

  • My Saved Views
    Displays your private saved views. Only you can view these.

  • Shared Views
    Displays all the views that have been saved as shared.

Applying Filters and Adding Views

  1. From the Projects page, click on Filter.

  2. You can apply multiple filters based on project fields to view specific projects based on your requirements from the Projects page. 

    Choose from all or any based on your filter criteria in case of multiple filters.

    Click Done to view the filtered tasks.

  3. Click 'Save view as' to save this filter as a view.

  4. From the 'New View' dialog box, give a name to the view, choose if you want the view to be private/ shared.

  5. Click Saveto save the view.

  6. Your view will be added to the 'My saved views'. for views marked as 'Only me' and 'Shared views' for for views marked as 'All team members'.

  7. Click Clear when to exit the filter mode.

Grouping Projects Based on Project Fields

You can group similar projects together based on project fields. This will help you to get a count of the number of projects in each category too.

Click on the drop down menu next to group by and select the field based on which you want to categorise your projects.

Post grouping, the project groups for each category can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on the field values of each group. You can also view the number of projects in each group from here.

Column Customisation

You can customise the columns that you see on the Projects page by clicking on the Edit Columns button from the tool bar on the top.

Based on whether you want to show or hide a column, select or deselect the check box next to each column name. 

You can also determine the order of the columns by clicking and holding on the reorder icon next to each column name and dragging and dropping it in the required order.

You can also arrange the projects based on the order of column values by clicking on each of the column headers. For example: Click on the Progress column header to arrange the Projects list based on maximum to least progress or vice versa.

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