How to set up permissions for team members and customers (RBAC)

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In Rocketlane, each team member is assigned specific responsibilities, such as viewing projects, creating templates, reporting time, and managing project elements like tasks, chats, and documents. They are given specific permissions to carry out these responsibilities while maintaining security and preventing unauthorized changes.

 You can also customize permissions for specific projects. For instance, a user with Collaborator permissions can be granted elevated access to become a project consultant within a particular implementation project. This allows them to perform tasks like updating project status and fields exclusively within that specific project. 

Rocketlane's detailed permission controls extend to managing how customers interact with projects, ensuring a secure and collaborative environment. 

Now, let's explore how to configure these permissions within Rocketlane.

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Define Access Levels in Rocketlane

Rocketlane employs a nuanced permission structure, categorizing access levels into three key domains: Account, Project, and Customers. 

Account Level permissions are tailored to the team member's responsibilities related to the overall account. This includes the ability to create templates, and projects, manage dashboards, update project fields, track finances and other account-specific actions. Team members with account-level permissions play a pivotal role in shaping the broader aspects of your business.

Project Level permissions are designed for team members engaged in specific projects. Here, users have the authority to view, create, edit and access all components within a project 

Customer Level permissions are extended to customers interacting with your projects. Customers are granted specific actions within a project, such as updating task statuses or adding files. This level of permission ensures that customers can engage meaningfully within the project framework while maintaining control over their actions.

Global and Group Access Levels

Certain sections within your Rocketlane account contain sensitive and business-specific information. To maintain confidentiality, it is essential to limit access to this information within your company. To strike a balance between safeguarding sensitive information and providing transparency at executive levels, Rocketlane uses a tiered access approach.

For instance, when managing projects globally, you may need to restrict access to details from projects in different regions, like the US and EU. To achieve this, Rocketlane adds a new permission layer that lets you carefully control what your team members can access, especially within specific groups. This ensures that individuals have access only to the information relevant to their responsibilities and groups they belong to. However, for executives like CXOs or board members, a broader perspective is crucial. Hence, Rocketlane provides global access to such high-level roles, offering a comprehensive overview of the entire business.

Learn more about setting up and managing groups here.

Global Access: Team members with this level of access can manage all projects, project fields, and task fields.

Groups and Projects Visible to All: Depending on project visibility and group memberships, team members can manage projects and related task fields.

Participant of and Projects Visible to All: Team members involved in a project can access both the project itself and the associated project and task fields, provided they are visible to all.

Create and assign a custom permission set for a team member

To create a custom permission set for users joining your company, 

  • Navigate to your avatar, select settings

  • Under the account section, select Permissions

  • Determine if the permission set you wish to create for your team member is on an account level or project level

  • If it is account level permissions, select the Accounts tab

  • Click the New permission button

  • Give the permission set a name for example if you are creating this for a Delivery manager, add that name and add a clear description

  • Determine the access that a team member with this permission should have by selecting the appropriate checkboxes under each module like projects, tasks, etc.

  • Save the permission set.

To assign account level permissions to team members when they are invited,

  • Go to the Team members page under Accounts

  • Click the three dots near a team member, click on view details and edit profile

  • Under Permissions associate the user to the custom permissions you created

  • Associate them to a group if they should be part of one, for example “US project delivery team.”

  • Click save

Create and assign custom permissions for team members in projects

Repeat the same steps as the above section to navigate to the Permissions page and choose the “Projects” tab to create a permission set that allows team members to have a custom access to the projects they are part of.

To give team members special permissions within projects they are part of ,

  • Navigate to Projects and select the project the team member belongs to

  • Click the settings icon and go to team members

  • Click the three dots near the team member you wish to assign permissions

  • Select Set project permissions

  • Select the relevant permission from the drop-down and set permissions

Note: It's important to note that when a team member is granted both account and project-level permissions, the permission set providing the highest level of access to projects will take precedence. This ensures that in cases of overlapping permissions, the more extensive access rights for project-related activities will be applied.

Create and assign permissions for customers in projects

Repeat the same steps as the above section to navigate to the Permissions page and choose the “Customers” tab to create a permission set that allows customers to have a custom access to the projects they are part of.

Projects - Allows customers to invite team members from their companies

Phase - Allows customers to edit and delete phases 

Tasks - Allows customers to view, edit and perform all task actions. And also allows customers to view, edit and delete tasks

Spaces - Allows customers to create and delete private and shared spaces. Create, edit, delete, rearrange documents and embed URLS in spaces

Chat - Allows users to create project conversations that are only private or both private and shared, edit names, send messages, invite customer team members to conversations and delete conversations

To associate permissions to customers,

  • Navigate to Projects and select the project the team member belongs to

  • Click the settings icon and go to customer team members section

  • Click the three dots near the customer you wish to assign permissions

  • Select set project permissions

  • Select the relevant permission from the drop-down and set permissions

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