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Keep your Implementation partners informed about your projects and workflows by using Rocketlane's Partners feature. This will allow you to ensure cost effectiveness, operational efficiency, and a quicker time to value with the aid of talents who are experts in their fields. Based on access control, you have complete control over what is visible to your partners. The functionality for strategic partners enables you to decide whether or not you want to introduce your partners to your customers. To make sure that only those who are needed are working, you can also limit the number of licences each Partner has access to.

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How to add a new Partner to your Rocketlane Account?

  1. Click on your Profile icon from the left navigation bar and then go to Settings.

  2. Go to Partners and select 'New partner' from here.

  3. Select the Roles that you want your Partner's team members to use.

    In case you want to create more roles for your partners, click on 'Manage roles here' and you will be redirected to Roles and Placeholders in your Rocketlane account. 

    Here you can mark new and existing roles as 'Available to Partners.' Read more about configuring roles here: How to configure roles for Partners?

    Click on 'Add and proceed' after selecting the roles you want your partners to use.

  4. From the New partner dialog box, update the following information:

    • Logo: The Partner company's logo (Recommended size: 250x250 px and max 2MB file size)

    • Name: Name of the partner company

    • Website: The partner company's website url

    • Partner admin: Email id of the person who manages the partner company

    • Max licenses they can add: Add a cap to the maximum number of licences that can be used by your partner's team. Licenses are used up only when partner team members are added. Unused licenses will continue to be available for your team.

    • Access level: There are three levels of access that you can choose from and decide for all the team members in the partner's company

    • Permissive: Access to all shared and private resources in a project
    • Moderate: Access to all resources marked as shared in a project
    • Restricted: Access to only those resources assigned to them

    • Strategic Partner checkbox: If you mark a partner as strategic, your customers will be able to see their company name and logo in the project.

      Otherwise, partner team members will appear to be part of your own company.

  5.  Once you have provided the accurate partner details and have set the right permissions and number of licences, click on 'Create Partner'.  

  6. After being saved, the new Partner's profile will reflect on the Partners page.

    The Partners page list will show you the admin from the Partner's side, how many licenses have been used out of total licences assigned, the access level of the Partner's profile and if their status is active or disabled.

How to edit a Partner's Profile?

  1. You can click on the Partner's name that you want to edit from the Partners page.

  2. From the profile tab here, click on the Edit icon next to the Partner company's name.

  3. Except the Partner admin, you can edit the rest of the partner properties from the 'Edit partner' dialog box.

  4. Click on Save to reflect the edits you have made to your Partner's properties.

How to configure roles for Partners?

  1. From Settings, go to Roles and Placeholders. You can mark a new role as well as existing roles as available to Partners from here.

  2.  You can mark a new role as available to Partners during role creation. For existing roles click on the 'More actions' icon next to the role name and select 'Edit role'.

  3. Click on the 'Available to partners' checkbox to configure that role selection for Partner team members as well.

How to add team members to your Partner's profile from your Rocketlane account?

  1. From the Partners page, click on the 'Partner team members' tab.

  2. From the team members tab, click the 'Invite members' button.

  3. In the 'Invite Team Members' dialog box, fill in the details of the team member to be invited.

    • Email address
      Provide the email id of your team member where they will receive the invite link.

    • Role
      Read more about Roles and how to create a new role in Rocketlane.

    • Permission
      There are two kinds of permissions in Rocketlane for partner team members:
      • Admin: Can access all projects to which their company is added
      • Collaborator: Can access only those projects they are invited to

  4. Click on Invite to send out an invitation email to your Partner team member.

  5. The invitation email will look something like this:

  6. The invited team member will show up in the Invited tab from the Partner's profile until they accept the invite from the email and log into their P

How to enable partners to track time?

Rocketlane now allows you to enable partners to track time on timesheets, apply time-offs, use holiday calendars.

What does this mean for your business?

  • Partners can now accurately track the time they invest in projects, which helps to maintain precise utilization rates. 
  • Additionally, you can set up cost rates and bill rates for partners and monitor the revenue they bring in from the time tracked on your projects. 
  • You can also plan and allocate projects to partners based on their capacity.

To enable partners to track time in Rocketlane, 

  • Go to settings > partners > select a partner
  • Click edit near the partner name
  • Check the box "can track time" and click save

Read more about how to track time here

How to invite Partners and Partner Team Members to Projects?

To know more about how to add partners to new as well as existing projects and to add partner team members to projects read the solution article: How to Add Partners to your Rocketlane Projects?

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