How to Add Partners to your Rocketlane Projects?

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Keep your Implementation partners informed about your projects and workflows by using Rocketlane's Partners feature. This will allow you to ensure cost effectiveness, operational efficiency, and a quicker time to value with the aid of talents who are experts in their fields. Based on access control, you have complete control over what is visible to your partners. The functionality for strategic partners enables you to decide whether or not you want to introduce your partners to your customers. To make sure that only those who are needed are working, you can also limit the number of licences each Partner has access to.

Read more about Partners here.

How to invite Partners while creating a Project?

  1. While creating a new project you can add the Partner company in the first step itself.

  2.  You can add multiple Partners to your projects from here.

  3. Post project creation, the Partner admins will be notified of their partner companies being added to the Project.

    The partner admins can then add the team members assigned from their team to the Project from the Partner's Portal.

  4. You can also add Partner team members in the next step where you assign placeholders picked up from the template used for project creation. Click 'Next: Project Team'.

  5. Under 'Assign placeholders', click on the 'Select team members' dropdown for the placeholder you want to resolve.

    You can either assign the placeholder to the Partner company or directly add team members from the Partner's team.

    In case you assign the partner company to the placeholder, you are holding the partner's company responsible for the execution of those tasks. The Partner admin will assign the tasks to respective team members.

  6. Once the project is created, from the responsible filter at the top right of the screen you can see the vendor, the customer and the partner(s)

    You can click on any of these to filter the tasks assigned to the respective organisations.

How to add Partners and Partner Team members to existing Projects?

  1. Go to your project and click on the Settings icon from the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Go to Team members

  3. Click on 'Add partner' from the team members page.

  4. You can select multiple partners from the drop down here. Click on Done to add the selected partners to your project.

  5. Your Partner admin will be notified about their organisation being added to the project. Partner admins will then assign the respective team members from their team to this project.

  6. To add Partner Team Members, you can either type in the email id of your partner's team member or you can select their name from the dropdown under 'Select people or add emails'.

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