How to manage your Rocketlane subscription?

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The purpose of this article is to help you

- Manage your Rocketlane subscription and licenses

- Track and update your payment method

- Access and act on your invoices

Add licenses when inviting team members 

When you invite a team member to Rocketlane, it consumes one license. If you run out of licenses but want to add a new member, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your avatar

  • Select Settings

  • Under Account, select Team members

  • Click the “Invite team member” button

  • If you are running out of licenses, the system will add a new license to your subscription and let you invite a team member from here.

Add licenses from plans & billing

If you know how many new team members will be joining, you can add new licenses to your subscription before inviting them to Rocketlane.

To do that;

  • Navigate to your avatar

  • Select Settings

  • Under Account, select Plans & Billing

  • Here, you can view the total licenses in your account

  • Click “add new licenses” 

  • Input the number of licenses and click the “purchase subscription” button

  • The system will automatically add the licenses and charge you on a pro-rata basis. 

  • Dashboard Overview: Check top cards for total licenses, available licenses, and usage by team vs. partners.
  • Shared Licenses: Licenses are common; invite team members or partners based on availability.
  • Zero Available Licenses: When none available, prompt to purchase licenses for new invites on a pro-rata basis.
  • Reactivation Process: Reactivating consumes one license; if none available, prompted to purchase an additional license.

Manage plans

Under Plans & Billings, you can add your finance teams and business heads to the invoice email list. You can also view and download past invoices.

To make changes to the plan

  • Under “more options” click on “change plan”

  • Here, you can,

    • Add new licenses by increasing team member size

    • Change billing cycle from Monthly to Annual

    • Upgrade to the choice of plan 

  • Make the necessary adjustments and click upgrade

All upgrades are done on a pro-rata basis and credits are automatically calculated based on your existing payments to the current subscription cycle.
Downgrades are scheduled only at the end of the subscription period. 

Manage payment method

Under plans and billing, you have options to choose your preferred method of payment. Rocketlane offers the following options.

  • Under “more options” click on “change payment method”

  • Here you can,

    • Add new credit card (you can add more than one)

    • Use ACH payment method and pay using Gocardless

    • You can also pay using “” to “Rocketlane Crop” or get in touch with us through

Manage invoices

Under Plans & Billings, you can choose to add your finance teams, and business heads to the invoice email list and also view and download the past invoices.

To add people to the invoicing list,

  • Under Plans & Billing, locate the “Send invoices to” section

  • Click  “Edit emails” and add the email addresses of all the finance members

  • Click save to send invoices to the members in the list.

To access invoices,

  • Scroll down to the Invoices section

  • Hover over the row of an invoice you wish to download

  • Click the “download” icon at the far right end

  • The invoice will be downloaded and saved on your computer.

If you have any questions around our billing plans, please contact your CSM or reach out to

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