How to Enable and Configure the Time Tracking Feature in Rocketlane?

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Time is one of the most important yet limited resources available to a company. Using your team’s time effectively can make or break your project’s delivery and profitability.

For businesses that charge customers on the basis of time, tracking of time spent and generating timesheet reports to invoice them is a vital ability. Using Rocketlane, you can track time spent on project tasks, activities, submit timesheets for approval, and even specify billable vs non-billable hours - a useful analysis for service providers.

Let's take a look at how you can set up the time tracking feature for Rocketlane.

How to Enable Time Tracking for your Rocketlane Account

  1. Click on your profile icon from the left navigation bar and go to Settings.

  2. Select Time tracking.

  3. Click on the toggle button to enable Time tracking for your Rocketlane account.

  4. Once you have successfully enabled time tracking, you can configure the settings for it.

Configuring Time Tracking Settings for your Rocketlane Account

  • Timesheet due on every: Set up a due date and time for your team's weekly timesheet submission

  • Send Reminders: Use the Send Reminders option to send reminders to your team to submit their timesheets.

  • Track time against: Track time across different stages of your project. For instance, you can track time after completion of each task in the project and nudge your team members to submit timesheets to track time.
  • Team members can only report time forEnableyour team members to track time solely on the projects they are involved in, and choose the project status for which your team can track time and submit timesheets.

  • Lock time entries: Users are not permitted to withdraw, change, or resubmit their timesheets after approval if the "Lock time entries once approved" option is enabled. This does not apply to admins.

  • Lock timesheets upto the selected date: 
    • Team members won't be able to change their reported time; 
    • Only admins will be able to change time entries that were made on or before the lock date. 
    • Approvers can change approve/reject status on or after the lock date. 
    • You can select the lock date by clicking on the 'Set lock date' option.

  • Calendar Integration: Enable calendar integration to connect and see calendar events on the timesheet and populate relevant information.

  • Hours to be reported: Using this option, you can limit the total number of hours that can be tracked in a timesheet. If necessary, you can drill down to the precise number of hours that must be reported in a timesheet or just set restrictions for the minimum or maximum number of hours to be reported.

  • Time Entry Categories: Categories help you classify the type of work your team spends their time on. Your team members can choose the category while adding their time entries.

  • Approval Settings: Approval Settings allows you to add an account-level setting where project owners or managers (timesheet approvers) can also approve timesheets for users. Admins will always be able to view all timesheets.

  • Timesheet Exclusion: You can create an exclusion list for team members who are not required to submit time. They will not recieve submission reminders and also their time will not be counted towards team capacity.

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