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  1. How can I re-trigger a password resend invitation for team members to join the team?
    • Navigate to Project > Project Settings icon on the top right, 
    • Under Team member settings, click on More option to find the Resend invitation.
    • Go to Settings > team members > invited tab > Three dots > Resend

  2. Why doesn't adjusting the task's due date also modify the due date for the phase it's associated with?
    Navigate to Settings>Workflow management>Phase Automation settings and check the option to adjust due date for phase upon task due date modification.

  3. How to disable timesheet notifications if I don’t track time in Rocketlane?
    To disable Timesheet notifications, 
    Navigate to Settings>Timesheets>toggle Off the Enable switcher. 

  4. Why am I not able to submit a timesheet?

    Reach out to your supervisor to check the timesheet settings. 
    • To check this go to
    • Settings>Time tracking settings>Hours to be reported> check if the option "cannot submit less than X hrs per week" is chosen. 
    • If the number of hours you submitted is less than X hours in the settings, you might have to re-check the timesheet and submit again. 

  5. How to reactivate a deactivated user? 
    This can be done under team member settings. Navigate to Settings>Team members>Deactivated tab> click the three dots for more actions and Reactivate.

  6. Can we mark a form as completed once a response is submitted? 
    Sure, We can do so in the Tasks where the form is used. Navigate to projects>click on a particular project>select form responses>view form details>update status and change the status of the form

  7. How to enable soft allocations? 
    You can Enable Soft allocations under Settings>Resource Managements

  8. Will removing sample data from the account remove the data that I have created so far? 
    No. It will not remove the data that the Admins , Super Users or collaborators created. It would only remove the sample data that Rocketlane has provided during the time of signup. To do so, Navigate Settings> Preferences>Sample data>remove data

  9. Why am I not able to see the timesheet icon? 
    To use timesheets, you can enable the feature under Settings >Timesheets>toggle on

  10. Can a collaborator edit their own allocations? 
    Yes, Collaborators can View and manage their resources if the option is selected in the Settings > Resource Management

  11. Can collaborators manage resources?
    Collaborators have an option to manage their own allocations and only the Admins and Super Users have the option to do the resource allocations. However, these options can be modified under the Settings>Resource management.

  12. How to edit time entries? I have marked an entry as Billable and need to change it to Non-billable. Can I edit or delete and re-add? 
    You can edit the Time entries from Timesheet>Edit>Uncheck billable option from the Timesheet settings

  13. Is it possible to allocate time on a weekly basis instead of daily basis? 
    Yes,It is possible to allocate time on a weekly basis. Navigate to Settings>Resource management>Select Hours / week.

  14. How can I change my weekly capacity? 
    You can do so, under Settings>Profile settings> edit Weekly Capacity.

  15.  How can I change the weekly capacity of my team members?
    As an admin you can set up the weekly capacity of team members. Upon adding Team members, you can either default it to 40h or manually set a capacity.

  16. My Google/Outlook calendar events are not showing up in the Timesheets page even though I have events on the selected week, why?
    Ensure to enable calendar integrations under settings>time tracking

  17. Is there a way to stop Customers from responding to form multiple times? 
    Yes,It is possible to stop customers from responding to forms multiple times. Navigate to Templates>Forms> Select the form of choice> navigate to settings tab> under responses>allow one response.

  18. Can I set up an automation to create a task upon receiving a response on the form?
    It is possible to set up an automation to create a task upon receiving a response on the form in the Project Navigate to Templates>Forms> Select the form of choice> navigate to Automations>Create Automation to create tasks on form submission.

  19. How to add comments in a document to collaborate with the project team members?
    To add a comment in a document under Spaces>highlight part of the sentence and click on  "Add comment" to comment on the highlight

  20. How can I approve the documents my team creates?
    In Spaces, you can request for document approval using the snowflake icon  on the Toolbar.
  21. Is there a way to inform team members why The Project owner / Manager rejected their timesheet?
    Yes, There is way to inform the team members when a timesheet entry is rejected. You can do so by adding a comment or note while rejecting the timesheet entry. 

  22. I invited a team member through an invite button in the projects section. What should I do? 
    You can remove them as a team member and re-add them from Settings - Team member sections for them to become a team member of the project owner, Or reach out to with the Email address of the team member that’s added incorrectly. 

  23. Dashboard filter doesn't give me the right data. What am I missing?
    Dashboards are made up of multiple charts. A dashboard has a set of filters you can apply. And, each chart within the dashboard has its own filters. However, if you apply a project field filter on a dashboard level and on a chart level, the dashboard filter will override the chart filters.

  24. Where do I enable notification for customers?
    They'd like to see if there are any approvals to be made - We can do so under settings - Customer portal

  25. How can I create a background and theme to my forms for it to be branded like our Company's logos and colour codes?
    Yes, you can upload your images to the form background and themes.

  26. Is it possible to use forms to get inputs on the project details from the customer? 
    Yes, project and task fields can be used in the forms. despite the form fields and the general fields.

  27. How can I download form responses in PDF?
    Only CSV format is currently possible, using which you can manually convert files based on your choice.

  28. How can I add customer team members in Rocketlane? And assign them different roles?
    They can be created as placeholders under - Roles and Placeholders - Customers

  29. I don't want to add a Timesheet for everyone that is a part of the project. How do I do that?
    You can add Timesheet exclusion for select members in the team. Navigate to Settings - Timesheet settings - Timesheet exclusion

  30. I'm not online on Rocketlane, as a project owner, I have multiple things to look into. Is there a way for me to keep a tab on the project budget used? 
    Yes, To keep a tab of Project Budget exhausted and Budgeted hours used, Navigate to Settings - Financial Management - Project budget alerts - Enable - Alerts / Emails.

  31. Why am I not able to add a file to a task?
    The size of the attachment is 30M. IF exceeded, It would not accept files bigger than the limit.

  32. How do I get access to Rocketlane as a member of the Customer Team? 
    To login as a Customer to Rocketlane, You can navigate to the Login page - Are you a customer - Type Email address. 

  33. How do I autoallocate after the project is created?
    Upon Completion of creating a project and assigning effort time, Under Resource management, Select Project tab, Select the project, Click on Three dots beside the name of the project and Choose Enable Auto allocation. The Auto allocation will be done based on the availability and the hours mentioned in the efforts.

  34. How do I know who are all available in a particular time period for Ad Hoc projects?
    Resource Management has an option to Find availability under People Tab, Where you’d be able to allocate projects based on the people and their calendars where there is no effort time blocked.

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