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The 'All tasks' page allows you to view the global list of all the tasks from your Rocketlane account. You can read/edit task properties like project, assignee, start date, due date and more. 

You can view custom task lists too based on the task status, assignee, due date. Choose from default view options or create custom views using filters.

You can filter tasks based on your preferences and save it as a shared/private view.

Accessing the All Tasks Page

Click on the 'All Tasks' icon from the left vertical nav bar.

List View and Kanban View

List View

The All Tasks page opens with the List view by default. To read more about the List view, click here.

Kanban  View

The All Tasks page has a Kanban view. To read more about navigating the Kanban view, click here.

Default Filtered Views

The All Tasks page has default filters that help you view only specific tasks from the global task list.

The default filter options are:

  • Everything

    Displays all the tasks from all the projects.

  • Assigned to me

    Displays tasks assigned to you.

  • Created by me

    Displays the tasks created by you.

  • Overdue

    Displays tasks that have exceeded their due date.

  • Unassigned

    Displays the tasks that have no assignees.

  • No Due Date

    Displays tasks that have not been assigned a due date.

  • At risk

    Displays tasks that have been marked 'At risk'.

  • Blocked

    Displays tasks that have been marked as Blocked.

  • Milestones

    Displays tasks that have been marked as a Milestone.

Custom Filter Views

You can apply custom  filters based on your preferences and save it as a private/ shared view.

The custom view categories are:

  • My Saved Views

    Displays your private saved views. Only you can view these.

  • Shared Views

    Displays all the views that have been saved as shared.

Applying Filters and Adding Views

  1. From the All Tasks page, click on Filter.

  2. The filter selection has two modes namely Simple mode and Advanced mode

    By default the simple mode opens but you can switch by clicking on 'Switch to advanced mode'.

  3. You can apply filter for the following categories in the Simple mode:

    • Assignee

      You can select multiple assignees and the filter criteria says 'Can be one of'.

    • Responsible

      Allows you to choose the organisation responsible for the task execution.

    • Project

      You can select multiple projects and the filter criteria says 'Can be one of'.

    • Due Date

      Allows you to filter tasks based on due date. You can choose a custom due date or from the default options available.

    • Created by

      You can filter tasks based on which user account created it. Does not allow multiple selection and the filter criteria says 'Created by is exactly'.

    • Show Tasks

      You can filter tasks based on completion status. Choose from Complete, Incomplete or All.

  4. You can choose a custom filter from the 'Advanced mode' and apply to task fields.

  5. Click Done to view the filtered tasks.

  6. Click 'Save view as' to save this filter as a view.

  7. From the 'New View' dialog box, give a name to the view, choose if you want the view to be private/ shared.

  8. Click Save to save the view.

  9. Your view will be added to the 'My saved views'. for views marked as 'Only me' and 'Shared views' for for views marked as 'All team members'.

  10. Click Clear when to exit the filter mode.

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