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Following is a list of best practices to be followed by Rocketlane Users:

  • Invite customers and get them to access the portal during the kick-off or first onboarding call. Go to the Onboarding Project > Project Settings > Team Members. Under your customer's team, add customers via email and click on Invite.


  • The ideal ratio of splitting work load is 65-70% on your team and 30-35% on the customer's team.
  • Always use the '@ mention' feature to tag the customer in messages, descriptions, or documents where you need their attention. 

    This feature notifies the customer on the app as well as via email.

  • You can mention tasks and documents using @@ and @@@ anywhere - Chat, Documents, Task descriptions. 

  • Use the Board View within each project to go through your weekly reviews or stand ups with your customers. 

    You can view the tasks categorised according to Task Status.


  • The Board View has interesting ways for you to organise the board columns (by Assignee, Due Date, Priority, Status or by custom fields like Task Type, etc) and then the rows can be Assignee, Priority or Project Phase. This feature helps you execute smarter team reviews.


  • Configure the right Notification permissions based on how you are using the product to ensure you don't miss out on key activities or don’t get overwhelmed by Email notifications.

    Go to Settings > Notifications.

  • Make sure to create custom task fields or edit pre-existing task fields for every key task.

  • Use the Shortcut “N” to bring up New task creation pop-up irrespective of which page you are on.

  • Use the Shortcut “H” to bring up the Home page irrespective of which page you are on.

  • Use the Shortcut “P” to bring up the Projects List page irrespective of which page you are on. 

  • Use the Home view to stay on top of all the work on your plate across projects. Choose the Group by: Projects option to see tasks per project.


  • Use the 'multiple select' feature from the 'All Tasks' view to select and bulk edit multiple tasks. You can perform bulk edits including shifting dates of a bunch of tasks at once.

  • Use the All Tasks page has a Kanban view to analyse and organise tasks. You can use this view to run project reviews with the team. 

  • Use the 'Present' feature to present the project plan to your customers. 

    You can choose to have a few phases hidden by marking them as Private initially and introduce them after the initial roll out is completed - for a natural motion to deliver more value to the customer after go-live.


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