Understanding the Rocketlane's Forms Feature

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With the Forms feature in Rocketlane, you can now create, share, and collect. But that's not all, the forms feature also allows you to automatically sync responses to project fields, task fields, and even create new tasks.

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Have some time? Watch the webinar on forms best practices here!

How to Create a Form Template?

Create Form Templates from the template section.

Go to Templates > Form Templates and click on the New Project Template button from the top-right corner of the screen.

Form Builder 

You can create the form from the Builder tab by adding questions, project fields and task fields to it.

To read about how to build a form, click here.

Pro tip: You can add dynamic questions using the branching feature for questions with multiple choices.

This can also be exported as a CSV for further analysis.

Form Responses

The Responses tab lets you view all the form responses in a table format. The responses are grouped by the projects that they have been added to.

The columns for the tables are:

  • Form Details

    Mentions the project that the form template has been added to and the number of responses that have been recorded by the form users.

  • Due date

    Mentions the due date for the form added to the task.

  • Assignees

    Mentions the assignees that have been added to the task that has form template added.

  • Form Questions Fields

    Mentions each question in the form and records the responses that have been added to the question.

  • Created By

    Mentions which user has provided the form response.

  • Created on

    Mentions the date on which the form response was created.

  • Updated by

    Mentions which user has updated the form response.

  • Updated on

    Mentions the date on which the form response was updated.

Form Automations

The Automations tab allows you to create a task in the project when a form is submitted. In case a task field was used in the form, the value will get automatically populated in the created task field.

Form Settings


Manage how many responses can be accepted from a single user.

  • Accepts multiple responses

    Used in cases where multiple responses are needed to be collected. For example, to collect employee details and crowd feedback.
  • Accept only one response

    Used in cases where only one response is required. For example, a hand-off. Response can be edited after submission.


  • Restricted

    Only people logged in to your project can submit a response.
  • Anyone with the link

    Anyone with the form link can submit response. 

Note: The responses submitted will be anonymous since theses users are not a part of the project.

Hey! Here's hoping that this support document was useful. You can write to us at care@rocketlane.com in case of any queries.

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