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Automation Pricing Breakdown:

Rocketlane's automation feature is priced based on the number of runs per user per month. Each plan includes a specific monthly allocation of runs, determining how many times your automation actions can successfully complete within that month. 

Let's break it down by plan:

1. Essential Plan

   - Automation runs: 50 runs/user/month

2. Standard Plan

   - Automation runs: 200 runs/user/month

3. Premium Plan

   - Automation runs: 500 runs/user/month

4. Enterprise Plan

   - Automation runs: 1000 runs/user/month

Understanding Runs/User/Month

A "run" is counted each time an automation successfully completes an action for you, which might have been done manually by your users in the past. For example, if your automation includes an action to update the status of a task, each time that task status is successfully updated using automation, it will count as a run. Triggers that match in automation but result in no action (e.g: when conditions in the action block are met but the action with the block doesn't execute) are not counted as a run. They will not affect your run limit.

In simple terms, the "Runs/User/Month" is the number of runs allocated to your account based on the combination of your chosen plan and the number of user licenses you have purchased.


Let's say your company has purchased 8 licenses, and you've opted for the Premium plan. In this case, your company's total run limit would be calculated as follows: 8 licenses * 500 runs/user/month = 4000 runs per month.

Exceeding the Limit

If your company exceeds the specified run limit in your plan, your automations will fail to run once that limit is reached. In such instances, you can get in touch with our support team to explore options for purchasing additional runs, ensuring your automation needs are adequately accommodated.

In summary, our automation pricing is designed to offer flexibility, enabling you to automate tasks effectively. It's crucial to manage your usage within your plan's allocated run limits. Should you require more runs than your plan permits, our support team is ready to assist you in expanding your automation capabilities.

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