What are saved automations and how to use them?

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For projects with similar automation needs, you needn’t create the same automations repetitively, instead you can save an automation rule and plug them into the preferred areas across templates.

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Save an Automation

 To do so,

  • Open the template that has the automation you wish to save

  • Navigate to the phase or task where the automation has been configured

  • Click the automation tab on the right.

  • Click the three dots near the automation rule and select Save automation

  • The automation will be saved and you can click the "view saved automation" button to view and edit it. 

Apply saved automations in templates

Rocketlane enables you to apply saved automations with only a click of a button. 

To do so,

  • Open a project template 

  • Navigate to the phase or task where the automation rule is to be applied

  • Click the automation tab on the right.

  • Click the new automation button

  • From the slider click and apply the preferred saved automation

Manage saved automation

To view and access the saved automation,

  • Navigate to Templates

  • Click on Saved Automations

  • Here, the saved automations are categorized into, phases, tasks and forms

    • Automation name - Name of the saved automation 

    • Applied in - Number of tasks that the saved automation is applied to. You can click the number to open a slider with the list of tasks. You can click on the tasks listed on the slider to be taken to the task on which the automation runs.

    • Created on and Created by - Shows the date on which the automation was saved and the user who created the automation

  • Click on the three dots near the automation to Duplicate, Modify, Rename and Delete the automation

Edit Automations

To make changes to the saved automation, click on modify and edit the Automation rule. Modifying the saved automation will modify it in all places it’s been applied.

Duplicate Automations

If you need to tweak only certain aspects of an automation workflow, click on duplicate. This will clone the existing automation rule. You can edit the duplicated automation here and later apply it where desired.

Delete Automations

To delete the saved automation, click delete. Remember that this permanently deletes the automation from your account. It is important to note that this will delete the automation from all places it’s been applied.

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