Basics of Project Tasks

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Each project phase consists of tasks which further make it easier for delegating resources and micro managing the entire project.

You can perform basic functions around a task that include adding assignees, start and end dates, attachments. Add sub tasks, create task dependencies, add file attachments and have conversations around the task.

This help article focuses on the actions that you can work on around a task.

Task Pane Properties

Click on any task and edit the properties from the dialog box.

  • Assign to

    Choose a team member/ placeholder to assign to the task.

  • Due Date

    Set a Due date for the task.

  • Task status

    Set any custom status according to your choice.

  • Add time

    Track the number of hours you spent working on the task.

  • Click to copy task link

    Lets you copy the link to the current task.

  • Task followers

    Task followers get notified whenever a change is made to the task.

  • More Actions 

    • Convert to Milestone/ Task:  Convert the task to a Milestone or vice versa.

    • Mark as 'At risk'/ Remove 'At risk': Flag the task as 'At risk' or remove flag.

    • Mark task as private/ shared: Change the privacy of the task as private or shared.

    • Move to a phase: Move the task to a different phase. You can choose the phase that you want to move the task to from the list of phases in the project.

    • Request approval:  After clicking Request Approval, the Approvals tab opens. 

      You can edit the privacy Type, Approvers, Due date and add a short note to the request. 

      Click on Request when you are done.

    • Create a Jira issue: Raise a Jira issue.

    • Link a Jira issue: Link an existing Jira issue. Add the Jira issue URL and click on Link a Jira issue.

    • Delete: Delete the task.

  • Task Info

    • Description: Add a description for the task.

    • Add a private note: Add the URL for an existing Jira issue.

    • Attachments: Browse for a file from your PC and attach it to the task.

    • Subtasks: Add subtasks to be linked to the current task.

    • Dependencies: Add/ Remove tasks that are dependent on the current task.

  • Additional Info

    • Task Fields

      • Created by: Mentions the team member who created the task.

      • Created on: Mentions the date the task was created.

      • Completed on: Mentions the date of completion in case of Completed Tasks.

      • Started on: Start date of the task.

      • Effort: Add the number of hours of effort put in the task.

      • Progress: Use the slider to indicate the progress of the task. Notice that the UI.

      • Priority: Set a priority to the task. Choose from High, Medium and Low.

    • Time Entry Settings

      • Billable: Mark your time entry as billable or non-billable.

      • Category: Mark the category for the time entry.

  • Conversations

    Send messages to team members in the project and share important files.

  • Private Messaging: Allows you to send private messages on the chat that will only be visible to the project's team members from your organisation.

  • Attach Files: Browse for files from your PC and attach to the conversation.

  • Add an emoji: Add emoji to the chat.

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