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Adding more information about your team members to their profiles can give you a more comprehensive view of your team member portfolio. You can create custom fields for team members and group their information under relevant sections. 

For instance, you might create a section for contact details, such as email, phone number, and blood type, and a separate section for work-related information, such as certifications, skills, and region. You can set up these sections beforehand and fill in the fields as you create team member profiles. This way, you can keep all the necessary details organized and easily accessible.

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Types of fields

A wide range of information can be included as fields, such as joining dates, reporting managers, and ID numbers. To effectively manage and organize this information, several field types can be utilized with ease.


A single-line text field where users can type the details.
A paragraph field that lets users type in length
Lets users add numbers like employee id
Is a either/or field
Lets users add dates like the joining date of the employees
Single choice
Lets users one option from multiple choices

Multiple choice
Lets users select as many relevant options from the available choices
Single user
Lets users map the team member to another user like their manager

Multiple user 

Lets users to map the team member to multiple other users like reportees.

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Adding team member fields

The user who invites new team members to the Rocketlane account will fill in the fields added here.

To add new fields for your team members,

  • Login as an admin and navigate to your profile icon
  • Select settings and scroll down to the Fields section
  • Select Team member fields and click on New field
  • A New team member field pane will appear on the screen, for you to add the necessary details
  • Give the field a relevant name, for example, employee ID
  • Select the relevant Field type. For employee ID, the field type can be Number
  • Add a description, that would act like a tooltip for the users to understand what information needs to go into the field
  • After adding the necessary details, click save

Creating new sections for team member fields

To keep all the important information about your team members organized and easily accessible, you can group their fields into sections.

To create a new section to include team member fields,

  • Login as an admin and navigate to your profile icon
  • Select settings and scroll down to the Fields section
  • Select Team member fields and click on New section +
  • Give your section a name and click on the green tick mark to save the section

Adding team member fields to the section

After creating a new section, 

  • You can drag and drop existing team fields into the new section

  • Create a new field and map it to the section of choice.

Tip: You can add skills to your team member's profile by setting up a Skill Matrix. Click here to learn more.

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