Creating roles and using them as placeholders

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In any company, team members are assigned tasks according to their skills, which defines their role in the organization. You can easily create these roles and assign the corresponding roles to your team members while inviting them to Rocketlane. You can also create roles for your customers who you will collaborate with on the project. 

When creating a project, you can use roles as temporary placeholders if you're unsure who will handle a task. This allows you to add a placeholder for a team member or a customer and later replace it with the actual person who will work on the project.

For instance, if you're undecided about which team member will create the design for a website, you can add the placeholder role of "Designer" during project creation. Later on, when you know which team member from the design team will take on the task, you can replace "Designer" with their name.

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To create a role,

  • Log in as an admin or super user and navigate to your profile icon

  • Click on Settings and select Roles and Placeholders under the account section

  • Click on New role+

  • In the new role task pane, select the type of role as team member or customer

  • Enter the role name as you wish, like “creative designer”

  • Check the box near Use as placeholder if you can assume this role during project creation

  • Click Save to create a role.


You can switch between the Team members and Customer tabs to view the roles under each category.

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