How to configure your company email address?

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Using Rocketlane, you can invite your team members to join the platform via email. Once they're on board, they'll receive email notifications to remind them of any overdue tasks or timesheets. By default, these emails are sent from Rocketlane's email address. However, if you want to personalize the emails by sending them from your company email address, Rocketlane enables you to set this up.

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Configure your company domain

To do so

  • Navigate to your Profile icon and select settings

  • Scroll down to the Advanced settings section and select Email configuration

  • Under Send emails from your company domain by configuring DKIM enter the domain from which you wish to send emails, for example: or 

  • Click Add+

After adding your company domain, the system will generate the CNAME records to be configured in your DNS provider. 

Setting up DKIM

DKIM protocol is relied upon by companies worldwide to identify and flag your business emails as secure. To ensure that all emails sent using your company email address are not marked as spam, it's important to enable DKIM. 

By enabling DKIM, you establish a digital signature that confirms the integrity and authenticity of your outgoing emails. This signature allows recipient email servers to verify that the emails originated from your domain are safe.

Things to remember when adding CNAME records to your DNS

You can use your respective DNS provider to add CNAME records to your DNS. In this example, we used GoDaddy DNS. 

  • Copy and paste all the CNAME record entries into your DNS

  • Remember that some DNS providers may require a specific format for the name. For instance, entering domain names in GoDaddy automatically fills in the "" detail. 

  • After adding all four records, waiting for some time before clicking on verify is essential. DNS records typically take 24 to 48 hours to get published and verifying right after adding the records might lead to failed verification.

After adding the CNAME records to your DNS, return to your Rocketlane Email configuration page and click Verify.

  • A green verified sign next to your domain signals that your DKIM is set up successfully

Note: Click delete domain if you wish to delete the company domain

Configuring custom emails

If you want to customize the email address from which you send invitations and notifications to your team members, you can edit the section before the @ symbol. An example would be changing the "welcome" portion of the email  to something that suits your liking.

To edit emails,

  • Scroll down to the Configure emails section

  • Click Edit emails

  • In the custom emails pop-up box

  • Edit the prefix of the emails for invitations and notifications

  • Click Save

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