How to Apply for Time Off in Rocketlane?

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Regardless of size, managing holidays and vacation time is essential for all businesses. Applying for time off can be done for a number of reasons, including vacation, personal leave, maternity leave, medical leave, or sabbatical. Regardless of the nature, the most crucial step is to make sure that your coworkers are aware of your absence.

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At Rocketlane, you can apply time off and update your timesheets and team members to stay informed about your unavailability.

Apply time off

  1. Click on the profile icon and go to Settings.

  2. Go to Profile > Apply time off.

  3. From the Apply time off dialog box, set time of duration and add notes for others. 

  4. You can also choose to notify the Project Owners of the projects you are a part of. Choose other people from your team who you wish to notify about your unavailability on email.

Types of time offs

You have the flexibility to request time off for a full working day, half a day, or a custom duration.

For instance, if your weekly capacity is 40 hours and you take a full-day time off, it will be for 8 hours. Opting for a half-day time off corresponds to 4 hours, and with custom time off, you can select any desired number of hours.

View time offs

Go to View time off history from your Profile settings. In case you delete any of the time off entries, a strike through will appear on it so that a log of all the time offs is maintained.

Impact areas

Users can request for time-off inside Rocketlane, and this will show up in multiple areas - timesheets, reports (will account for the change in capacity), resource management and task assignments during the time off.

Notice the time off icon for the dates you applied for on the timesheets and next to your name on chats.

The time tracking report also has a time off column which reflects the total number of time off hours for the selected time period.

Apply time off on behalf of team members

Admins and timesheet approvers now have the capability to request time off for their team members. To do so, simply choose a timesheet that has been submitted by a team member, and click the "Time Off" button to apply the time off on their behalf.

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