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Notifications help you to stay updated about project related activities. It allows you to get updates about customised notifications for your user account.

You will be notified of all updates in Rocketlane via in-app notifications and/or via email Notifications.

Customisable Notifications:

You can update Notification Settings via the app and customise notifications based on your user preferences.

You can choose to customise your notifications based on in app features like tasks, messages, documents, forms and project dates.

In-App Notifications:

All users at Rocketlane have a general visibility into what’s happening within the platform. 

Users also get updates about customised notifications for their user account in the Notifications tab from the Home Screen.

Email Notifications:

Today, email is still considered a global platform for e-communication, and a lot of people check their inboxes everyday. You can also choose to receive email notifications for any updates that happen within Rocketlane.

These emails are also actionable - you can make updates to tasks within the email, and also respond to the email 

These updates will show up within Rocketlane.


You can also customise reminders to notify you about upcoming due dates for project tasks that have been assigned to you and other team members.

Types of Notifications

You can choose to be notified either on the Rocketlane app and/ or through email.

In-App Notifications 

You can view your Notifications from the Home Screen on the left Navigation bar. Click on the Notifications tab.

The Notifications tab lists notifications customised according to your preferences.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications allow you to get updates about Rocketlane activities via email and allows you to take actions via email. Your email responses will be reflected in the Rocketlane app. 

  • You can reply to a notification via email and it will show up in your Conversations section in Rocketlane too.

  • You can change the Task Status from 'overdue' to 'in progess' or 'completed'.

  • You can change the Task Reminder from 'overdue' to 'in progress' or 'blocked'. 

  • You can also perform basic task updates via email like updating assignees and dates.

Managing Notifications

You can customise notifications based on in app features that you frequently use. Notifications also lets you set reminders.

Read the help doc about Managing Notification Settings to know more about managing your notifications.

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