Introduction to Key Events and Intervals

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The duration between presenting your product or service to customers and them recognizing its worth is known as "time to value." A longer time to value means getting customers to accept your services is harder. To improve this, it's important to identify any issues causing delays in delivering your project or services and work towards reducing the time to value.

Rocketlane introduces key events and intervals that provides a clear and logic-loaded understanding of areas in your projects where you spend more than the estimated time. These key events capture the start and end date of your project's tasks, phases, and milestones and flag any delay in starting or completing important milestones.

Intervals help you measure the time between these key events and compare it to your benchmark intervals. Doing this lets you determine your time to value for critical tasks. If you're completing these tasks ahead of schedule, you can adjust your benchmark value and figure out what you did right and apply it to future projects.

Read about setting up key events and intervals here. If you don't have time watch the video below.

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