The Workato Rocketlane Integration

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What is Workato?

Workato provides a highly secure and reliable integration and business automation service. It helps you automate business workflows across cloud and on-premises apps. You can easily transfer data across apps through Workato. 

You can quickly build automations on Workato making it easy for use for both IT and business users. It is designed for security, robustness, reliability, and high performance.

What is the Workato Rocketlane Integration?

The Workato Rocketlane integration allows you to easily set up intelligent automations for Rocketlane to allow the flow of information from one web app to Rocketlane and vice versa.

You can use Workato to integrate Rocketlane with over 1000 apps.

Visit the Workato Rocketlane integration page here.

Getting started with the Workato Rocketlane Integration

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Go to Integrations.

  3. Select Workato.

  4. Copy and use the API Token provided here to connect to Workato

    This is a unique identifier used to authenticate you to Workato while creating connections. Keep your token private to avoid sharing sensitive information.

Connecting to the Rocketlane Connector through Workato

  1. Login to and select Community Library from the left nav bar.

  2. Click on the 'Custom connectors' tab from the 'Community library' page.

  3. Search for Rocketlane from the 'Custom connectors' tab and click on the connector.

  4. Click on the 'Install connector' button from the top right side of the page.

  5. Click 'Accept and Install' to continue installing the Rocketlane connector.

  6. Click on 'Release latest version' be able to use it as a connector for your Recipes and Connections.

    For any new versions, click on 'Release latest version' from the same page here.

  7. You can now find the Rocketlane connector under the apps section for your new connections.

How to create a Connection on Workato Using Rocketlane as a Connector?

  1. From the left navigation bar go to Projects.

  2. Go to Assets > Connections. Click Create > Connection to start a new connection.

  3. Search for Rocketlane from the New Connection page and select the connector.

  4. You will be redirected to the 'Connect to Rocketlane' page. 

  5. Fill in the required details for the fields on this page. Paste the API key from Rocketlane's Workato integration page.

  6. Click Connect to create a new connection using Rocketlane as a connector.

Rocketlane Integrations and Automation creation with Workato

You can create your custom Rocketlane integrations using the following triggers and actions:




  • New Project Message Real-time                     
    Triggers when a new message is added in a project
  • New Project Real-time
    Triggers when a new Project is created
  • Updated Project Real-time
    Triggers when a project is updated
  • New Task Message Real-time
    Triggers when a new message is 
  • New Task Real-time
    Triggers when a new task is created
  • Updated Task Real-time
    Triggers when a new task is updated

  • Create Project
    Creates a project 
  • Create Task
    Creates a task
  • Post Task Message
    Creates a new Task Message
  • Search Project
    Search for a Project
  • Search Task
    Search for a Task 
  • Update Project
    Updates a Project
  • Update Task
    Updates a Task
  • Delete a Project
    Deletes a Project
  • Archive a Project
    Archives a Project

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