Resource Management: The Projects Tab

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Resource Management

Resource Management helps you to efficiently plan, schedule and allocate resources for your projects. You can manage projects, allocate resources or placeholders, look into resource demands,  check for over allocation and under allocation.

By keeping a tab over the work hours of your team members, you can ensure that resources are better allocated with a balanced load sharing model where no one is under/ over worked. Comparing project timelines and resource availability helps you to churn results faster and with efficiency.

How to Access Resource Management?

You can access Resource Management by clicking on Resource Management icon from the vertical left navigation bar.

Resource Management: The Projects Tab

Rocketlane gives you a timeline view of all your projects. You can click on any project to see all the members working on that project, along with their roles and the time allocated to each member.

Make the most of your employee’s time without burning them out. Effectively plan your team’s capacity to ensure balanced workloads while maximising utilisation. Enable your project managers to commit timelines with confidence based on your team’s available capacity.

Projects Tab: Menu Bar Options


The filter feature helps you to filter projects according to your requirements.

  • Matches: 

    The matches selection has two options namely All and Any

    Select All in case you want to match all the filter conditions to be set. 

    Select Any in case you want to display results for any one filter condition that matched.

  • Where: 

    You can select specific Projects that you want to filter.

  • Add Filter: 

    You can add multiple filters.

Click Done to apply the filter conditions.

Click Clear to exit the filter mode.

Saved Views

Recurring filters can be saved as views for ease of access. To save a filter as a view click on Save view as.

In the New View dialog box, give a name to the view. You can choose to make the view private or public. 

Click Save to save the view.

To display your view click on the Saved Views Hamburger icon next to filters.

  • All Projects: Takes you to the default view without any filters applied.

  • My Saved Views: Lists the Saved views marked as private.

  • Shared Views: Lists the Shared views marked as public.


The Search button helps you to look for specific projects or team members.

The Month, Week and Day Views

You can change the view by switching between the time spans that you want to see on the timelines. Switch between Month, Week and Day views.

Zoom in and Zoom out

This filter lets you maximise/ minimise the view and automatically changes timespans between Month, Week and Day view.

Previous/ Next timespan

Allows you to move to the previous/next timespan based on the level of zoom that you are currently on and your current viewing window size.


Clicking on the Today button brings you back to the current date on the timeline.

Projects Tab: The Projects Column

The Projects column next to the timeline lists all the team members in your account.

Clicking on each project opens a list of team members/ placeholders working on the project. 

The team members have been classified under their respective placeholder.

Go to start of Project

Clicking on the go to start of project icon takes the timeline view to the start date of the corresponding project.

More Actions for Projects: Go to Project Plan

To view the Project Plan for a project, click on the More Actions icon next to the project and select 'Go to Project Plan'.

The Project Plan tab for the project opens in a new browser tab.

Remove team member from project

To remove a team member from a specific project, click on the project from the Projects column and go to the team member that you want to remove. 

Click on More actions > Remove from project.

A warning message pops to ask if you really want to remove the team member from the project. 

Click Remove.

Add Team Member

Click on 'Add team member' from the end of the team members list under a project.

The 'Add team members' dialog box opens.

You can filter the team member by role, search for the team member by name or simply find the team members from the list and select.

You can select multiple team members too and add.

Click 'Invite and add team member' button to add the team member to your project.

Add Placeholders

In cases when the projects are in planning or when you are not sure about the exact team members who will be a part of a project, you can still add placeholders and replace those with actual team members later.

Click on 'Add placeholder' from the end of the team members list under a project.

The 'Add placeholder' dialog box opens.

You can filter the placeholder by role, search for the placeholder by name or simply find the placeholder from the list and select it. 

You can also select multiple placeholders. Click on the 'Add placeholder' button to add the placeholder to your project.

In case the placeholder you are looking for does not exist, you can create a new placeholder by clicking the 'New placeholder +' button.

From the New placeholder dialog box, choose a role and add a placeholder name. 

Click 'Create and add' to create the new placeholder and add it to the list of existing placeholders under your project.

Find Team Member

The Find team member icon next to each placeholder under the project helps you to find and allocate a team member based on their role and availability. The team member that you select will replace the placeholder.

The Find Team Member dialog box opens which lists all the team members in the role with their availability mentioned.

You can select a role or search by the team member's name too. Click on the team member to select and click Add.

The placeholder will be replaced by the selected team member's name.

More Actions for Placeholders
Click on the More actions button next to a placeholder. You can either edit or remove placeholder.

Edit placeholder

Edit placeholder allows you to change the placeholder name.

Note: This option is disabled for the default placeholders.

Remove Placeholder

The remove placeholder option allows you to remove the placeholder from your account.

Projects Tab: The Allocated Column

The Allocated column indicates the total number of hours allocated to the resources in a project

Click on a project to see the breakdown of the total number of hours. 

You can view the total number of hours corresponding to each team member in the Allocated column.

To read more about how to find the best team for your project, click here.

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