How to get started with Rocketlane's Integration for Slack?

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Rocketlane's Integration for Slack allows your team members and customers to get notified about project-related updates on their respective organisation's Slack channels. It also allows you to take actions on your project directly from Slack like updating tasks and replying to conversations on the project chat.

A Slack channel dedicated to each of your Rocketlane projects also lets you have a dedicated space to interact with team members around any topic of discussions related to the project.

Your customers can also connect to their Slack workspace and get updates regarding project related activities.


Connecting Rocketlane to Slack

  1. Click on your Profile icon from the left navigation bar and go to Settings.

  2. Go to Integrations > Slack Integration.

  3. Click Add to Slack to authenticate your Slack workspace.

  4. Click Allow to give permissions to the Rocketlane app to send you notifications on Slack.

    You can choose the Slack workspace where you would like to receive updates from the top right corner.

  5. Your Rocketlane Account is now connected to Slack!

Let's get started with customising your Slack Integration.

Configuring your Slack Channel Settings 

Slack Channel Settings

Rocketlane's Integration for Slack sends updates to Slack channels. Under the Slack Channel Settings section, you can choose between two options:

  1. Create a new Slack channel for each project to share updates

    This option allows Rocketlane to create a new channel dedicated to each project individually.

    A new channel will be created on project creation. For existing projects, a new channel will be created automatically when there is an update in the project.

  2. Send updates to a single Slack channel

    This option allows you to choose an existing Slack channel to send all project related updates.

    On selecting this option, the Choose Slack channel dialog box opens. You can choose one from a list of Slack channels and click Save.

Slack Channel Members

Choose which team members are to be automatically added by default as Slack channel members.

  1. Add Team Members

    All team members from the projects will be added to the Slack channel. Any new team members joining the projects in Rocketlane will be added too.

  2. Add the following people from your organisation as default members to every Slack channel

    Add default people who might not be a part of the project but need to also receive Project related updates.

Send Notifications for the following

Choose from a range of customisable notifications that you want on the Slack Channel.

  1. Task
    Notifications related to every task related activity. You can choose which updates you want from the options available.
  2. Message
    Notifies on the Slack channel whenever a team member messages on a task, Project chat, status update or any document.

Project Level Override for Slack Notifications

You can now configure Slack notifications for each project from the Project settings. Choose to stop receiving notifications from a project or change the slack channel where you recieve notifications for a specific project.

Go to Projects and select the project you want to edit the Slack notifications settings for. Select Project Settings.

Go to 'Slack notification' under settings.

Choose from the following options to customise notifications from this specific project:

  • Select the Slack channel to which you want notifications delivered

    Click on Change and select the Slack channel where you want to send the project notifications.

  • I don't want to receive Slack updates for this project

    None of the updates from this project will be sent to any Slack channel

Adding the Rocketlane app to Slack

From Slack, click on the 'Browse apps' button or the 'Add apps' button under Apps and search for Rocketlane.

Click on the Rocketlane icon to add the app to your Slack and start receiving notifications.

The Home page of the Rocketlane app in Slack is where you will see all the tasks that you have been assigned to.

You can filter and choose to either see all open tasks that you have been assigned to or only those tasks that are due for the week. 

You can also filter the tasks based on Projects. By default, you will see all the tasks assigned to you from all the projects you have been added to.

Note: Project update notifications as direct messages and Tasks assigned to you will appear on the Home page of the Rocketlane app in Slack only if you have signed into Slack using the same email address that you use for your Rocketlane account.

You can also create a task in Rocketlane by clicking on 'Create Task' from this page.

Configuring Rocketlane app Notifications on Slack

You can customise the notifications that you receive on the Rocketlane app in Slack. Configure notifications for messages, tasks, forms, documents, date changes and reminders that you are a part of.

From the Rocketlane portal, go to Settings.

Go to Notifications.

You can choose which updates you want to be notified about on Slack by checking/ unchecking the check boxes under Slack.

Exploring Rocketlane's Integration for Slack

Let's start with creating a new project and explore the Slack Integration features.

  1. Go to Projects > New Project.

  2. Add the necessary information and click Create project.

  3. You will notice that a Slack channel will be created with the project name and members from the project will be automatically added to this channel.

  4. You will also be updated as and when a team member makes any changes in the project. For example: You will be notified on the Slack channel when a new phase is created.

    By clicking on View Project Plan, you will be redirected to the project plan page.

  5. When you create a new task, you will be notified on Slack. Notice that this Slack message comes with options that allow you to update the Task details right from Slack.

    View Task: Clicking this redirects you to the new task on the Rocketlane dashboard.

    Message: This option allows you to send public as well as private messages in the Conversations tab of a task.

    Click Message. In the 'Send a task message' dialog box, choose from public/ private and type in the message. Click Send.

    The message will be displayed in the Conversations tab of the task with a Slack icon in front of it.

  6. The overflow icon gives you additional options to perform actions on the task.

    Change Assignee

    Allows you to update assignees to the task. You can add new members or remove members assigned to the task.

    Click Change Assignee

    In the Update Assignment dialog box, choose one or more team members and click Assign

    To remove any current assignees from the task, click on the 'x' icon.

    Update Status: Allows you to change the status of the task.

    Click Update Status

    In the Update Status dialog box, select a status from the options and click Set Status.

    Update Due Date: Change the due date of the task.

    Click Update Due Date

    In the Update due date dialog box, choose a new date and select Submit.

Creating a task in Rocketlane from Slack

You can create tasks in Rocketlane from Slack messages in the following ways:

  1. Type ‘/rocketlane create’ on the project channel in Slack and type the new task name next to it.

    The 'Create a task' dialog box opens. You can fill in the task fields and create the task in Rocketlane from Slack.

  2. Click the ‘+’ icon (Attachments & shortcuts) below the message field.

    From the search option, look for the shortcut 'Create Task with Rocketlane'.

  3. Hover over any Slack message and click on the More actions button from the Slack Message.

    Select the 'Create task with Rocketlane' option to create a task related to that Slack message.

Grouping Notifications

While executing multiple actions in a project during a small period of time, the Slack notifications will be grouped as one notification to avoid spamming.

  • Group by Task

    When you perform multiple actions involving one task during a short period of time, the notifications are grouped into one. The Slack message will have the details of all the actions performed.

  • Group by Event

    When you perform multiple actions involving one event during a short period of time, the notifications are grouped into one. The Slack message will have the details of all the similar events performed.

Adding Digest Notifications

Digest notifications allow you to be notified about project related activities at the beginning and end of each work-week. 

Incase of a dedicated Slack channel for each project, you will one notification on each channel at the beginning and end of the week. 

In the case of one Slack channel for all projects, you will receive one notification per project on the channel at the beginning and end of the week.

  • Start of the week Digest notifications

    Digest notifications for the beginning of the work-week will have the following updates:
    • Tasks starting this week
    • Tasks due for the week
    • Tasks overdue from last week

  • End of the week Digest notifications

    Digest notifications for the beginning of the work-week will have the following updates:
    • Tasks completed this week
    • Tasks overdue from the previous weeks

Hey! Here's hoping that this support document was useful. You can write to us at in case of any queries.

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