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The Project Plan tab gives you visibility on all the phases and tasks that are a part of your Project. Track your phase wise progress and also check out the task status and identify inconsistencies early on.

Project Plan Views

Project plan tab has two views that help you to plan your project better.

  • The Board View allows you to have a birds eye view of the project flow with a focus on phases, tasks and assignees.

  • The Timeline View allows you to track dates and keep up with the project timelines using a Gantt- Chart format.

Project Plan Menu Bar
Let's go through the Project plan's Menu Bar and its essential functions:

Tasks Filter 

 Choose from the following options to filter tasks based on their completion status.

  • All tasks
  • Incomplete tasks
  • Completed tasks

Responsible Filter

The Responsible filter helps you to view tasks based on the Organisation that is accountable. It lets you filter the tasks assigned based on the Vendor and Customer's Organisation.


The Present icon helps you to enter full-screen presentation mode and present a clean overview of the Project Plan. 

Pro Tip: The Presentation mode is useful during kick-off calls with customers as it skips displaying private phases and tasks.

The Present feature for the Board view allows you to introduce each project phase in a sequential manner. 

You can click on the arrow icons from the top-right corner of the screen to navigate between phases while presenting.

The Present feature for the Timeline view allows you to present project timelines whilst not displaying the private phases and tasks.


Export allows you to convert the project plan into a PDF/ Excel file-format and export it. 

The Export project plan dialog-box opens after you click Export.

  • Status: Choose the tasks status that you specifically want to export to the file.

  • Responsible: Filter tasks based on which team is accountable.

  • File format: You can export the project plan in a PDF and Excel format for Board view and Timeline view respectively.

  • Orientation (Only for Board view):  Select the orientation of the PDF file. You can choose between Portrait and Landscape.

  • Include Private tasks: Allows you to choose if the exported file should include private tasks or not.

Click Export after adjusting file properties to export the file.

The Project Plan Board View

The Board View has all the project phases presented in a column-wise format encompassing tasks under each phase respectively. 

Project Phases

Rocketlane's Projects are divided into phases for the ease of planning and execution. 

Hovering over a phase progress bar gives you a summary of the tasks in progress, completed and to be done.

Project Tasks

Each project phase consists of tasks which further make it easier for delegating resources and micro managing the entire project.

Task Properties

Click on any task and edit the properties from the dialog box. 

The Project Plan Timeline View

The Timeline View allows you to track dates and keep up with the project timelines using a Gantt- Chart format.

Pro Tip: You can change the start date and end date of the by sliding the timeline bar associated for each task

You can also drag the ends of the bar to change the duration of the task.

The view has four columns followed by the gantt-chart spread horizontally across with an infinite scroll option. 

Pro Tip: You can adjust the size of the viewing window for the Gantt-chart. Slide the vertical bar on the left of the Gantt-chart to expand/contract the viewing window. 

The four columns are as follows:

  • Project Plan: Consists of all the phases with an option to expand/ collapse the list of  tasks which are a part of the phase.

  • Start date: The assigned start date of each phase/ task.

  • Due date: The assigned due date of each phase/ task.

  • Duration: The duration of each phase/ task calculated based on the assigned start and due date.

Timeline View: Features and Functions

Time Span Filter

You can define the zoom level for your timelines starting from Quarter, Month, Week upto a Day's level.

Expand All Tasks

This allows you to expand all the tasks for each phase.

Collapse all tasks

This filter allows you to collapse all the tasks for each phase and brings the focus back to phases.

Zoom to Fit

Allows you to have a wholesome view of the entire Project Plan. The Gantt-chart for the entire project plan is fit in the viewing window.

Pro Tip: The viewing window for the gantt-chart timeline is adjustable and you can slide the left end to expand and collapse the timeline view.

Zoom in and Zoom out

This filter lets you maximise/ minimise the view on a macro/ micro level.

Previous/ Next timespan

Allows you to move to the previous/next timespan based on the level of zoom that you are currently on and your current viewing window size.

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