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To get an overview of your entire project plan and your onboarding journey, go to the Project Overview tab.

Project Overview Cards

  • Status: Indicates the status of the project. Project Status can be set to any status of your choice.

  • Project Dates: Indicates the project dates that have been set at the time of project creation. 

    The actual dates for the start and end of the project are subject to change. The project dates are set at the beginning of each project. They are independent of delays, the start date of the first task and the end date of the last task.

  • Completion: Indicates the percentage of tasks completed based on the total number of tasks added in the project plan.

Task Count Cards

  • Overdue Tasks: Tasks that have not been completed beyond the due date.

  • At risk tasks: Tasks that have been marked at risk.

  • Completed Tasks: Tasks that have been completed.

  • Blocked tasks: Indicates the number of tasks that have been blocked.

Project Update Cards

  • All Phases: Lists all the phases in the project plan. The lists also reflects the average CSAT rating for each phase.

  • Business Goals: Lets you add Business Goals with a description.

    Click on the 'Add new Goal' button to add a new business goal.

    Add a name and description for the goal and click Save in the 'New business goal' dialog box.

  • Last 5 Status Updates: Lists the latest 5 status updates.

  • Tasks Overdue: Lists all the overdue tasks.

  • Tasks at risk: Lists all the tasks that are marked At risk.

  • Blocked Tasks: Lists tasks that have been blocked.

  • Tasks Completed late: Lists all the tasks that have been completed late.

Project Info

Project Fields

Lists all the project properties that can be grouped together in sections. These project fields are not visible to your customer.

  • Status: Indicates the status of the project. Project Status can be set to any status of your choice.

  • Start Date: Indicates the start date of the project.

  • Due date: Indicates the due date of the project.

  • Annualised Recurring Revenue: Indicates the value of the recurring revenue of the customer's subscriptions for a single calendar year.

  • Project Fee: The total fee that is charged for the project.

Project Hours

  • Tracked Hours:  Number of hours that have been added by the team members.

  • Remaining Hours:  The remaining hours from the total budgeted hours.

  • Budgeted Hours:  Budgeted hours is the total number of designated hours.

  • Billable:  Mentions the number of hours that are billable.

  • Non-Billable:  Mentions the number of hours that have been added but are non billable.

  • Categories:  Mentions the time tracking categories.

Team Members 

Lists the team members from your team as well as the customer's team

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